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Buy Loose Diamonds in Melbourne

Looking for loose diamonds in Melbourne? Anny’s has a wide selection of highest quality natural and lab grown diamonds. Our diamonds carry the certificates issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) well-known for its strict standards and rigorous approach to diamond grading. The superb quality of each of our diamonds is confirmed by a GIA Report Number that appears as a laser inscription on its girdle. You also get a copy of the GIA Grading Report with every diamond you purchase from us. No matter what diamond grade you need, we at Anny’s are confident that we can assist you in finding diamonds that meet and surpass your expectations.

As each diamond is unique, sometimes it can be challenging to find exactly the right one for your needs. We’ll even go as far as source diamonds internationally for you. From Israel to Hong Kong to New York - we’ll hunt for that perfect stone and won’t stop until we find it!

Need wholesale diamonds - Melbourne and surrounding areas?

Our 28-years of industry expertise is the best guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of each and every diamond you buy from us.

Our free insured shipping now enables Anny’s customers from all over Australia to enjoy complete peace of mind when they buy diamonds. Melbourne-based customers and visitors to Melbourne are also always welcome to visit our Showroom and inspect our diamonds in person.