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Anny’s Jewellers is a boutique jewellery store that has specialised in creating quality custom-made jewellery, for over 28 years in the Mornington Peninsula.

We work with you every step of the way, from the design stage, to handpicking your diamond from a vast selection, sourced from all around the world. No diamond is the same, that is why here at Anny’s we endeavour to provide our clients with expert knowledge to guide them through the process.

Jewellery is very personal, that is why we stand by our promise, YOU imagine. WE create.


Established in 1990, Anny’s beginnings are tied to the seaside town of Frankston, Victoria east of Melbourne’s CBD, where our shop is situated by the beach.

Being a multigenerational family business, habits have been ingrained within our service to look after all our clients like our own family.

We take pride in our roots and in what we stand for, as a long-time custom jewellery store. Here at Anny’s, you get what you deserve: fine jewellery designed and crafted exactly the way you imagine it.


Each custom-made diamond piece from Anny’s is carefully crafted by our in-house master craftsman and setter following your specific guidance. We also sell pre-made jewellery with unique designs, that are ready for purchase. However, our customised pieces allow you to control every aspect of your jewellery, the special piece becomes a reflection of your personality and character. Let us help create a special ring unique only to you!

In addition to bespoke pieces, we’re also experts in remodelling jewellery, repairs and servicing. We can turn your old worn out jewellery into a new and modern piece. At Anny’s the options are endless and we are confident that we can help you create your desired piece.


Harry Ozkoch, the owner of Anny’s, has lived and breathed jewellery since he was 16. Jewellery has been his life’s work with over 39 years of experience, to Harry jewellery is more than just a job, it’s his passion. Harry personally leads and oversees all Jewellery work in the workshop, to ensure each piece is created to the highest standard possible.

The greatest joy for Harry, is seeing the happiness his master pieces bring to the faces of our clients and when they say, “WOW is that really my ring?!”.


Anny’s diamonds are certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), an international diamond certifier, world-renowned for being the best and most strict when grading diamonds. Each diamond has a laser inscription on the girdle, which is proof of pristine quality and that the gemstone is legitimate.

Each of our diamonds come with a grading report by the GIA to verify your purchase. If you need a specific diamond grade, let our staff know and we will help you select a diamond that meets your expectations and more.

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Re-imagine and recreate your jewellery with the help of our master designers and master craftsmen. Anny’s offers these services:


Designing, Crafting and Setting

Creating Jewellery is our specialty…
Got a design in mind? No problem. Our master craftsmen can work with you to encapsulate your ideas into a perfect piece of jewellery. YOU imagine. WE create.

We can also create new pieces from your old worn out jewellery or restore them to their former glory. You have the freedom to create your own designs or leave it to our master designers to create a special bespoke piece for you.

Servicing and Fixing

We service and fix broken, cracked and faded jewellery. Please bring the pieces instore so we may give an accurate quotation for the required repairs. We also advise our customers on how to properly care for their jewellery.


We offer thorough cleaning services for all jewellery pieces. Lifetime cleaning will always be free when you buy a piece instore or online.


At Anny’s we also offer jewellery valuations along with any piece purchased, valued over $1,000. The valuation certificate showcases the approximate replacement value of the item. The certificate outlines diamond details such as colour, clarity, carat and cut along with a picture of the product.

In the case of any loss, damage or theft, the valuation certificate will ensure for an easy insurance claim if ever required.

We also offer the valuation service to other pieces not purchased through Anny’s.