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Whats Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond fluorescence refers to the phenomenon where a diamond emits a visible glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

When a fluorescent diamond is subjected to intense UV light, typically from a special lamp like a black light. it absorbs the energy from the UV photons. This absorbed energy causes some of the diamond's electrons to become excited and Glow, usually a blue colour.

The presence or absence of fluorescence does not directly affect a diamond's beauty. However, diamonds with strong or very strong fluorescence may appear slightly hazy or milky in certain lighting conditions, which can affect their overall appearance. On the other hand, some individuals appreciate the unique glow of fluorescent diamonds and find them visually appealing.

In our experience, faint and medium fluorescence is a useful tool to maximise the customers budget to allow for purchasing a diamond with larger carat size.

If you asked me today what my go to diamond would be to purchase, it would be a Medium Fluorescent DEF SI1 diamond. 99% of the time the diamond will be just the same as a normal diamond. Yes the sun does emit UV rays but not intense enough for the stone to radiate colour. If you head to a nightclub, where you’ll run into black lights, yes that is the 1% of the time the diamond will glow.

In saying that, its not quite for everyone, it is still considered a flaw, but it can be a useful tool if you’re happy with the small phenomenon.