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Lab Grown Diamonds Australia

Lab Grown Diamonds

What are Laboratory Made Diamonds?

Lab Made Diamonds, are visually, chemically and physically identical to naturally mined diamonds. Since these diamonds are made of the exact same properties, they exhibit the exact same level of fire, scintillation, and sparkle. They're almost identical in every way, and just as beautiful.

The only significant difference is where the diamond was formed,
whether it was created under ground or in a laboratory.

Diamonds are formed under a immense level of heat and pressure deep down in the earth’s crust.
Now by utilising cutting edge technology, the conditions under which diamonds are naturally developed, can
be mimicked in a laboratory.

Diamond Properties Comparison

    Chemical Composition Crystalline Structure Refractive Index Dispersion Hardness Density
Diamonds Lab Grown Diamonds C Cubic 2.42 0.044 10 3.52
Natural Diamonds C Cubic 2.42 0.044 10 3.52
Simulants Cubic Zirconia (CZ) ZrO2 Cubic 2.20 0.066 8.25 5.70
Moissanite SiC Hexagonal 2.65 0.104 9.25 3.21
White Sapphire Al2O3 Hexagonal 1.77 0.018 9 3.97
YAG Y3Al5O12 Cubic 1.83 0.028 8.25 4.60

Man-made diamonds follow the same grading process for Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat along with a certificate to prove authenticity.

Lab Diamonds come in all shapes and forms from D VVS1 all the way to fancy colour Pinks and Blues. Sizes start from small 0.01ct up to 5ct diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

How are
Lab Diamonds made?

The process of creating a lab diamond starts with a tiny pre-existing diamond which acts as a "seed" which is later grown. Utilising new breakthrough technology, extreme pressure and heat is applied to mimic the natural method of diamond formation found within the Earth’s Mantle, reaching temperatures of 1200*degrees.

This process takes time for the diamond seed to grow, in the end a rough pure diamond is formed which is later cut in the same fashion as a rough natural diamond would.

Lab Created Diamonds

How can you tell the
difference Between a lab
and Natural Diamond?

Lab Diamonds are indistinguishable by their natural counterparts, side by side they are identical. Even when using a Jewellery 10x Loupe, man-made diamonds are nearly impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds.

The only way to tell is to use specialised expensive equipment by measuring the level of Fluorescence. Fluorescence is a flaw found in natural diamonds which is not exhibited in Lab made diamonds.

Lab Made Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
VS Diamond Simulants

A Lab diamond is a diamond. It is important to understand it is not a diamond simulant such as cubic zirconia and moissanite.

Simulants do not have the same chemical and physical properties as Natural and Lab made diamonds.

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Buy Lab grown diamonds in Melbourne

Lab grown diamonds have been steadily increasing in popularity over the years. These stunning diamonds are identical to the naturally formed ones and can achieve equal levels of brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Rather than being formed naturally underground, lab grown diamonds are formed using cutting-edge technology that reproduces the conditions under which diamonds are formed in nature in the lab environment. Lab grown diamonds undergo the same rigorous grading process as natural diamonds and are issued with certificates of authenticity. The only way to distinguish between naturally formed and man-made diamonds involve using highly specialised equipment. To the naked eye, lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural ones - as they are just as dazzling!

We supply perfect lab grown diamonds Australia-wide

We at Anny’s do our best to select and deliver the best lab grown diamonds to our customers all around Australia via highly secure, insured Platinum Express Australia Post. However, many of our customers looking for lab grown diamonds (Melbourne-based, in particular) choose to visit Anny’s in person.

Our store is also always happy to welcome customers that would like to personally inspect our lab diamonds. (Mornington locals will find it especially easy because of our Showroom’s location.) With our 28 years of industry experience, we are confident that we can help you select the perfect diamonds for your budget without compromising on the quality or appearance of your jewellery.

FAQ about lab grown diamonds

Lab diamonds offer exceptional value and are typically more cost-effective than natural diamonds of similar size and quality.

Where to buy Lab Grown Diamonds?