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International Diamond Sourcing

At Anny's, we work differently than your everyday jeweller.

We search internationally to find our clients the very best stones that the world market has to offer. From Antwerp to Israel, Hong Kong to New York; we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit in finding your dream diamond.

“You imagine. We create.”

Looking for a diamond is a rather overwhelming task. There are so many attributes and characteristics of a diamond to consider, like as the 4C’s, fluorescence and milkiness which make even the cleverest of people scratch their heads.

To fully comprehend the complexities and differences in a diamond’s attributes, it takes many years of hands-on experience, of which no amount of Google searching can teach. That is why at Anny’s we have staff with over 40 years industry experience, whom have lived and breathed diamonds. Rest assured that you’re in good hands; our jewellers at Anny’s are well equipped to advise you on anything diamonds.


We want our clients to be confident that the diamond choice they have made is the RIGHT choice. A diamond is a significant purchase, not just in relation to the price, but the significance behind it. Unfortunately, without proper guidance, there is great potential to go wrong.

Therefore, at Anny’s, before recommending any piece of jewellery, we take you through Anny’s “Diamonds 101’”. We explain the complexities and characteristics of the plethora of different diamonds available.


We show our clients real diamonds, in person, to highlight the visible difference in colour, clarity and cut. Once our client understands what diamond they like, they themselves, with our guidance, imagine up a diamond recipe. Then the rest is up to us to hunt the world market to find that very stone. And make it a reality.


Out of 100,000 diamonds, our jewellers hand pick one. You will not find this level of finesse and expertise anywhere else.

Diamonds are for a lifetime, and we will go that extra step to make sure it’s immaculate.

If you have any International Diamond Sourcing questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a message on our live chat feature or give us a call on 1300 092 000

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