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Jewellery Insurance

As an Anny’s Jewellery Insurance partner, we believe in providing our customers with the confidence to wear their precious jewellery anytime, anywhere.

It is for this reason that we offer our clients a specialist insurance policy which is custom designed for the jewellery in our store. From the moment you leave us, you can be sure you have peace of mind with global protection for damage, theft or loss from Anny’s Jewellery Insurance.

What Makes Anny’s Jewellery Insurance So Unique...

Worldwide cover. Anywhere, anytime

Agreed value & like for like replacement

150% cover of the insured amount

Return to your choice of jeweller in the event of a claimer

Instant cover. No waiting periods

Cover of accidental damage, loss and theft

No excess on all claims

Annual revaluations to match replacement cost

Instant cover in just 60 seconds

Once you obtain your instant quote, your jewellery piece can be fully covered in just 60 seconds!

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Why Anny’s Jewellery Insurance

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