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questions to ask your future jeweller

How is your jewellery made?

To make a piece of jewellery it takes 3 different people.

A designer, a goldsmith and a diamond setter.

The Designer will create a 3D CAD design of the ring.

They will ensure through every step of the way that your piece is exactly what you envisioned.

The Goldsmith will fabricate the metal and put the item together.

They will want to ensure there is adequate thickness, width and structural integrity.

The Diamond Setter will set the stones into the ring.

They will want to ensure the claws have adequate thickness, space and size to securely set a stone.

Why choose us?

Other stores will likely have designers who contract out their work to the goldsmiths and diamond setters. This leads to the piece being needlessly shipped back and forth between the three parties, making the process very disconnected and difficult to maintain a high level of quality.

Our process is done completely in house, with our very own team of 3 designers, 2 goldsmiths and 2 diamond setters. This allows our team to work closely together to ensure the highest level of quality across each and every stage, so that your jewellery lasts a lifetime, not just 2 years.

How long will it take to resize my ring?

Once you've proposed to your new fiancé, they'll want to show it off to all your friends and family, so it's extremely important to have a ring that fits, right?

As we've been in the industry for so long, we've heard many horror stories of rings taking 3 weeks to be resized. Those 3 weeks are torture for a newly engaged couple.

Which is why we, at Anny's, will have your ring resized within 2 days.

By having our goldsmiths and diamond setters in house we are able to resize your ring, ensure the stone have been retightened, and get it straight back to you. No need to ship it off and sent it away!

Do they have a laser welder?

Laser welders are a must in todays world of jewellery. They allow for pin-point accuracy when working around expensive stones to fuse metal together.

Platinum is a notoriously difficult metal to work with without a laser welder. It's not an option without it.

You want to be confident in your jeweller's craftsmanship. You need them not only to have the appropriate tools, but the skills and knowledge of how to used them.

An Italian made laser costs $30,000. Jewellers with a smaller operation tend not to have such expensive equipment. But at Anny's, we certainly do!

How much does my ring weigh?

If the ring doesn't have enough metal for structural integrity. It will bend, snap and start to lose stones. There is a big emphasis on "you get what you pay for" with jewellery. Its hard to compare two rings without having them side by side. But the weight of gold, can be a sign to watch for.

Now this will depend on how big the finger size is, how big the centre stone is, how wide the band is etc but as an approximation, if an 18kt ring weighs less than 3 grams or a platinum ring weighs less than 4.5 grams... I would start to worry about the wearability of the piece.

As a rule of thumb use the below guide:

2mm wide band is the lowest I would prefer to go on a ring 1.6mm base thickness into 1.9mm side wall thickness.

Claw thickness of 1.3mm for a 1ct stone. 1.5mm for a 2ct stone.

Ensure there is .3mm metal on either side of the shoulder diamonds

Other jewellers may try to make your ring as light as possible to save a couple of hundred dollars per ring. We prefer that the ring we make you is of the highest quality that will stay with you forever.

Here's an example...

Here is an example of a customer who bought her ring from another jeweler. They had many issues with the stone becoming loose after multiple attempts at tightening it.

The customer wanted to get a refund but wasn't able to.

She came to us for help after hearing many good things about Anny’s! Her original ring was made too thin and light. The band was only 1.5mm wide with very thin claws. The best option was to start again from scratch. We made a new ring with structural integrity at the forefront of the design. You can see in the photo below the difference. We are real jewellers with real experience and will guide you to create a ring where we balance art and structural integrity to last 50 years.

Her first ring weighed 2.5grams. The new ring weighed 5 grams. It doesn't sound like a big difference but its significant. These are the details we value, it is also what make us the best at what we do!